About Wrist Elegance Jewelry

Wrist Elegance Jewelry is an American designer jewelry company founded in 2014 by Cuban American designer and entrepreneur Abel La Rosa. The company is headquartered in beautiful Orlando, Florida USA.

Wrist Elegance Jewelry offers men's and woman's fine luxury bracelets and accessories beautifully handmade in the USA. We only use top quality 14k gold and AAA grade beads and stones cut to perfection for the fashion connoisseur. All our stones and precious metals are hand picked and imported from India, Italy, and United Arab Emirates. Our jewelry pieces are custom designed and handmade at the time of your order for a unique one of a kind bold look. We specialize in custom made orders using authentic genuine CZ diamonds and offer free certified shipping within the U.S. on all of our domestic orders.

Our bracelets compliment and put the final touch on any men's or woman's dress attire. We spare no expense when creating our limited quality pieces. No detail is left out and that is what makes our brand of jewels stand out from the rest. All of our items are non-spiritual, non-energy, and non-saged. Our collection is available in authentic 
genuine CZ diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold & 925 sterling silver.

Abel La Rosa is constantly designing and creating new pieces. Striving to strike a balance between simple, dressy, classic, and luxury, with his timeless designs. Focusing on color, on-trend styling, and visual impact, worn by young and old alike, Wrist Elegance Jewelry is designed to allow the wearer's individual style to shine. Offered in a range of authentic beads and precious metals, Wrist Elegance Jewelry signature bracelets are the quintessential modern classic and the ideal accessory to any outfit. 

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Abel La Rosa
CEO I Creative Designer